About Us

Nafhas catering services limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian company established in January 2011, with the sole aim of providing excellent camp management services to our valued and cherished clients.

Our maiden project was with JODI Construction LTD, an Australian Company which was working for Newmont Ghana Ltd at New Abrem at Akyim in the Eastern Region in 2011.

In January 2012, NAFHAS was contracted by Adansi Gold Mine to provide catering services for its staff and to manage its camp. As a young company, our client was a bit skeptical about our ability to deliver. However, before the year ended, we had proved beyond any reasonable double to our client that we were really in for business and our client never hesitated to give us thumbs up for a good work done and since then, we have never looked back.

At the letter part of 2013, Adansi Gold and Keegan Resources merged to form Asanko Gold Mine and in January 2014, Asanko Gold Mine started the construction of its multi-million-dollar flagship project, dubbed the Obotan Project at Manso Nkran in the Amansie West District of Ashanti Region.

Based on our track record with Adansi Gold, NAFHAS was offered a contract by Asanko Gold Mine to provide camp management services for its workers and the construction team.

During the construction stage, apart from the mother company (Asanko) we also served the following internationally reputable companies:

1. DRA 2. WBHO 3. Consar 4. Redis Contruction 5. Engineers and Planners 6. PW Mining International (Gh) Limited 7. Eiffage Engineering 8. ZEN Petroleum 9. KPS Construction 10. Agrekko Engineering 11. Genser Energy (Gh) Limited 12. Wayo Engineering Company

NAFHAS has been at the cutting edge of the catering services sine our inception. We provide excellent and outstanding catering services to the exact specification of our client.

NAFHAS provides quality, safe and sufficient meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner services to our clients. At the early stage of the construction at Asanko, we served, averagely, 2700 people daily for a period of four months. This number was made of local Ghanaians and expatriates from Australia, South Africa, France, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Senegal and Botswana.

With our knowledge of diversity in nationality of our clients, when planning the menu, we consider the various needs of our clients. We take into consideration their nationality and allergic status. Our experienced kitchen staff has the expertise in the menu planning and food arrangement. As a result, during the construction period, we were able to provide the best of catering services to the admiration of all these people.

During the merger between Adansi Gold and Keegan Resources, another catering company, ATS, was brought along from Esaase by Keegan Resources. As a result, from March 2015 the Asanko Gold Project was divided between NAFHAS and ATS. We were given the contract to serve the Senior Camp and ATS was contracted to serve the Junior staff and manage the Junior Camp. After the split, we serve averagely 300 people and ATS served about 2500 people.

This split of the project between the two companies came about because our client, Asanko Gold was with the view that being a local company and looking at the magnitude of the project, NAFHAS did not have the capacity to meet the challenging demands of the project. And that ATS, a foreign company with a huge foreign capital and all the resources would do better.

After one and half year into the contract, our client, Asanko Gold, is full of praise for NAFHAS for excellent services delivery. Our competitorsí contract was abrogated on July 31, 2016 and the whole Asanko Gold project has been given back to NAFHAS. This is due to our exceedingly outstanding performance.

We serve a wide range of meals which is a mix of Western-Continental, African and Ghanaian cuisines. We classify the meals according to junior and senior meals with regards to menu specification, choices and accompaniments. The flair with which we prepare both continental and local meals and the smartness and courtesy with which our professional caterers serve meals to our clients is unmatched.

We care so much that during religious festive occasions such as the Muslims fast at Ramadan and other religious activities, the concerns of team members who would like to eat at a particular time, arrangements are put in place to keep their meals hot till they are ready to eat. Menus and canteen schedules are jointly agreed and periodically reviewed together with the representatives of our clients.

During meals preparation, we adopt and implement formal and effective qualify control management system, including food safety management and hospitality quality system for the provision of quality and thrilling services to our clients.

Aside the normal meal services at the canteen, we also carry out orders from our clients on special occasions. For example, during the commissioning of Asanko Gold Mine on 7th May 2016, we put up a splendid performance which attracted a massive applause and high commendation from our client, Asanko Gold, and the distinguished guests who graced the occasion, including the Asantehene, Otumfo Osie Tutu II and Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Ho. Nii Ossa Mills and the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Alexander Ackon.

We host VIPs with distinction. The Exco team of Asanko Gold is always full of praise for our timely delivery, our tasty meals and our excellent services. Our capacity to organize barbecue and Buffet for a large number of people without a hitch beats the imagination of our clients

Our team of managers is very qualified and very experienced in the hospitality industry and therefore has the capacity to handle situations head on. We have the resources, both human and material, to meet the challenge in our core business operations.