HSE Policy

Our Health, Safety and Environmental policy conforms to international laws and standards. NAFHAS is committed to ensuring that matters pertaining to health and safety are maintained to the highest standard. NAFHAS has adopted the following health, safety and environmental policy.

  • To pursue the goal of no harm to people or the environment
  • To provide information and training to al employees in order to attain safe working practices in camp management and catering practices
  • To provide PPE to the employees and contractors for safe handing of normal and emergency operation plans
  • To co-operate with our clients, public bodies and agencies charged with emergency control in health, safety and environmental issues
  • To ensure that NAFHAS has prepared for anticipated emergencies and these are covered by immediate action plans and our employees are trained in their implementations
  • Re-evaluate our policies through monitoring of the work place
  • To promote a culture in which all employees share the environment