Work Force


NAFHAS has a team of employees with varied experiences in the camp management and hospitality industry. Our work-force is a very discipline one and highly focused on the delivery of our core mandate to our clients. Our work-force is segmented into the following.


Our management team is made of very experience professionals with high integrity, who always make sure that our clients are getting more than what their money's worth. The team members have a combine experience of 80 years in the camp management and hospitality industry and therefore have he flair and the experience to put a team together to undertake a project of any magnitude.

Managers and supervisors

Our team of dedicated managers and supervisors ensure that we deliver the best of service to our clients. They are always available to take care of clients concerns and ensure that their needs are met timeously. The politeness and urgency with which they handle clients' grievances and complains and solve unexpected challenges always amazes our clients.

Junior workers
At NAFHAS, this segment of our worker-force is the driving force behind our success story. They are hardworking and very discipline. Their constant contact and interactions with the project environment gives us an informal feedback, an important source of information in our scheme of work.